African Safari Adventures

Let me help you arrange your African Safari adventure

Although I specialise in Maasai Mara Photo Safaris, it is not for everyone. It’s incredible fun, but it’s intense and many people feel like they need a holiday after it!

So, if you prefer a more relaxing and/or a more upmarket safari, anywhere in Africa, I can help arrange that too.

I have associations with a small, hand-picked, selection of African travel specialists who will arrange a bespoke African safari adventure, a guaranteed experience of a lifetime, for you.

As African travel specialists, they will meticulously arrange every single aspect of your trip to Africa from the moment you step foot in the continent until the moment you leave.

If you would like to include non-safari African destination in your itinerary, like a visit to the beautiful city of Cape Town or a few days at the breathtaking Victoria Falls just for example, that can easily be arranged too.

Bespoke itineraries can be arranged for travel to the following countries in Africa :

  • South Africa
  • Botswana
  • Namibia
  • Zambia
  • Zimbabwe
  • Kenya
  • Tanzania
  • Rwanda
  • Uganda
  • Mozambique

Depending on my availability, and for additional fees, I also on occassion offer guided photo safaris to any destination in Africa that you would like to travel to. I will then accompany you on all or part of your trip and offer expert photographic guidance for your group.

Please contact me if you are interested and then we can arrange a short chat so that I can get an idea of exactly what you are after. I will then put you in touch with the right people to help you arrange your experience of a lifetime in Africa.

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